Long Dike Spring Willow

Now, we are walking along the Long Dike Spring Willow .This long embankment along the lake is lined with willow trees and peach trees, which create an imposing beauty in spring. Particularly in March when peach trees are in full blossom and willow trees are newly green, the scenery is very charming.

Xuyuan Garden

Xuyuan Garden was built in 1915 on the relic of Peach Blossom Bed of the Qing Dynasty to memorize the warlord Xu Baoshan. .It has become a relaxation place for tourists visiting the park. An important building within the park is the Hall of Listening to Orioles, which is so named after a famous poem composed by Du Fu, The great poet of the Tang Dynasty .In front of the Hall, there are two big iron caldrons, each weigh about 3 tons. They are the relics representing the exquisite workmanship of metallurgy in the 5th century.

Little Golden Hill

The Small Golden Hill is an artificial hill put up in the mid-Qing Dynasty (1757) and it is the largest islet in Slender West Lake. The bureaucratic salt merchants of Yangzhou had a new canal built to welcome the coming of ancient Emperor. The hill was full of traditional buildings, among which the Wind Pavilion, the Blowing Terrace, the Harp Chamber and the Moon- Viewing Pavilion are highlights.

Five-Pavilion Bridge

The bridge was constructed in Qianlong’s reign of the Qing Dynasty (1757).After having investigated this Bridge, the famous bridge engineering expert Mao Yisheng once commented: “the most ancient bridge in China is Zhaozhou Bridge; the most splendid bridge is Lugou Bridge and the most elegant and artistic bridge is the Five-Pavilion Bridge.” The whole architecture melts the grandeur and magnificence of north into the delicacy and elegance of south. Here is also a good choice to enjoy the moonlight scenery. Come here to enjoy it during the Mid-autumn Day.

White Pagoda

The white pagoda was built in 1784 with 28.5 meters high. It is a perfect duplicate of the White Pagoda of Beihai Park in Beijing but more elegant and graceful. The story about its construction goes that this pagoda was built overnight to welcome the inspection tour of Emperor Qianlong .This is merely a legend, as a matter of fact, the pagoda was already there in Kangxi’s reign ,and was rebuilt in the Qianlong’s reign .The White Pagoda adds an exotic charm of Buddhism to the Slender West Lake .

Twenty-four Bridge

The famous Twenty-four Bridges is actually a complex of buildings, Zigzag Bridge and Playing Flute Pavilion. The jade-belt-like Arch Bridge is 24 meters long, 2.4 meters wide and had 24 steps as well as 24 balustrades of white jade. It is also a good place suggested to appreciate the moonlight scenery. Yu Dafu, a famous writer in china once commented: the moonlight of twenty-four bridge is the famous autumn scenery in the southern place of china.